Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Get Flappy Bird 1.3 APK Free Downloads

Get Flappy Bird 1.3 APK Free Downloads

Download flappy bird 1.3 android game free for your android phone and tablets devices. People Usually looking for best android flying game for their android devices like tab, mobile etc. I think there are many sensational flying android game but Flappy Bird is one of the best of them. 

At present time Flappy bird has already recognized as flustered and addictive game for the game loving people. Otherwise it is special for its endless running capacity. So people and game loving people find more interest from other flight stimulator game such as
Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory, Airplane, Dogfight etc.
I am sure about this Game makes U Crazy Because Its Really difficult to Make High Score

Now I will discuss about some important part of Flappy Bird Game in below:

Playing Process of A android Game of Flappy Bird Apk :

  • Tap to flap your wings to fly. 
  • Avoid pipes.
  • Try to get 4 medals Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum (very hard)
Get Flappy Bird 1.3 APK Free Downloads

Requirements and popularity of Flappy Bird as android Game:

This things are badly needed for plying for playing Flappy bird

  • Version 1.3 for Android, 
  • Support Android 2.2, 
  • Fix bugs. 
  • Version 1.1.0 for iOS  
  • New icon for iOS 7 
  • Fix bugs.
Reason of Popularity

Developer: Gears Studio
Last updated: April 8, 2014
License: Freeware
OS support: Android/iOS

Download Here

Monday, August 4, 2014

Radio scanner pro Apk Free Downloads [Latest]

Radio scanner pro Apk Free Downloads 4.3.3

I have got opportunity to overcome boringness by using Radio scanner pro (apk app) through my Android devices. Otherwise it allow hundreds or thousands of frequencies to be entered via a keypad and stored in various 'memory banks' and can scan at a rapid rate due to modern microprocessors so we can call it as a digital Radio scanner pro 4.3.3. If anyone wanna listen along without disturbing the public it’s possible for his/her to get Radio scanner pro (app) because its free scanner radio. It’s possible to download anytime anywhere without paying any cost and it’s available in Google paly store, android application etc.

This digital Radio scanner pro has ability to custom radio paler for faster playback and battery saving and through the radio steams of radio scanner pro anyone can listen to their favorite radio station of other country.

New Scanner Radio (the free version of the app) has included the following awesome features:

  • Add Scanner Radio widgets and shortcuts to your phone's home screen for quick access (app cannot be installed on SD card to access them).
  • Enable notifications to be notified when lots of people (such as over 1500, for example) are listening to any scanner (indicating that something big is happening). You can also be notified when scanners located near you (or specific scanners of your choosing) have more than a certain number of listeners. Add scanners you listen to the most to your Favorites list for quick access.
  • Estimate list of scanners added most recently (new additions are being added all the time).
  • Considered as the top 50 scanners that have the most listeners (list updated every 5 minutes). 
  • View scanners that are located nearest you, sorted by distance.
  • Add a "Scanner Radio Favorite" shortcut to your home screen to launch a scanner feed via an alarm clock apk or automation apk apps. 

Radio scanner pro Apk Free Downloads LatestRadio scanner pro Apk Free Downloads Latest


Summary of other advantages of digital scanner pro (Radio scanner pro application for android free version)

As a whole, HD Radio offers a lower cost, more transparent implementation and definite advantages for additional revenue or opportunities to serve the public for the broadcaster. No new frequencies are required, easing regulatory issues, and existing large radio markets reduce the risk for both receiver and transmitter manufacturers. The listener would be motivated to purchase a new receiver due to the additional content, greater quality and advanced services. Overall no technology is perfect or meets everyone needs, and the final solution will be that of a compromise that can hopefully manifest itself to a successful and practical digital implementation. 

Download Links

Download from Google play: paid downloads latest version 4.3.3

Free Download links  Radio scanner pro Apk full version Free

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Plants Vs Zombies v2 1.9.2 APK full with obb data

Plants Vs Zombies v2 1.9.2 Apk Full

It’s time for introducing one of the best android game which called Plant Vs zombies apk for android devices. The present or current version of this Game or App is known as Plants vs Zombies 2.

Now I am going to show something   about this game which has based on a battle between plants and zombies. You have to make a strategic defense by putting the plants and this strategy will kill the zombies for saving your firm.

After end of above conversation I would like to show you guys the mode, concept, requirements and other details of this is called Plants Vs. zombies 2, a strategy game.


Requirement of Plant vs. Zombies 2 android

  •  qHD , FWVGA-WVGA , HVGA and resolution are supported.
  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread),
  •  ARMv7 1.0 Ghz ,
  • 1 GB  RAM 
  •  More Apps from Developer PopCap

The Major concept of playing

In This Game you can also find the various   or different types of plants and Fungi. Even each has own capabilities of defense to stop the zombies from entering their house and spoil their plants. You can Also find playing field which has been divided into 5-6 horizontal lanes, and with rare exceptions, a zombie will only move towards the player's house along one lane (the main exception is if it has taken a bite out of a garlic). Another interesting gift is planting cost is  "sun", and you can  gathered for free (albeit slowly) during daytime levels and by planting certain plants or fungi. Most plants can only attack or defend against the zombies in the lane they are planted in. In later levels, players can purchase upgrades with different offensive and defensive abilities.

Plants Vs Zombies v2 1.9.2 Apk screen

Screenshot Plants Vs Zombies v2 1.9.2 APK

Key Features  of Plants Vs zombies 21.9.2 Apk Full

This apk mob game consists of various or different types of levels. The game starts out in a front yard, and progresses to nighttime levels, where the gameplay is more challenging, with no replenishing sun unless specific plants are used, the backyard is visited, with a pool added, and the final levels are nighttime pool levels (where fog fills the right half of the screen except when specific plants are used), a lightning storm level in pitch black (except when illuminated by occasional flashes of lightning), and rooftop levels (on the final level, the player must face a huge robot operated by a zombie known as Dr. Zomboss).

Game modes:

The primary mode of this game is single-players, multi-players and adventure In   which the player can earn money to spend at an in-game store to buy new seed packets and other bonuses.

Otherwise, this Game has included These include a survival Game  with hard or normal mode, a puzzle mod etc.

Other details

The Facebook game Plants vs. Zombies 2 Adventures was released by developer PopCap Games and publisher Electronic Arts. The gameplay is a tower defense game; players no longer have to defend a single home in front of the zombie horde, and travel to new locations and to engage with new characters.

How To Install : 

  • Actually installing process is just same as other games.
  • You can download odd data through WiFi connection. Or download app with obb data and copy that to sdcard/android/obb or android/obb. 
  • If its first time you may not found obb folder in to your android folder if so just make an new one and place folder in it.
  • Done .

 Download Links 

Get From Google Play Store. This one is not mob and you have to download the data through wifi after installing the apk file.

Google Play Store

Download Mob (Unlimited gold coin) Free  with obb data, you don't have to connect internet connection for file downloads as you can download it in your computer. Read how to install above and enjoy. If you are new, feel free to ask for help.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

MX Player Pro v1.7.38 Patched Latest APK

MX Player Pro v1.7.38 Patched Latest APK

Download Free MX Player Pro Version v1.7.38 latest patched to upto android kitkat 4.4.3 support. Mx media player is the best multimedia player for android device phone and tablet to play, zoom and with H/W decoder. It's able to play full HD Format Movies, video songs subtitle. "MX Player Pro v1.7.38 Patched" version can easily play mp4, mkv, 3gp, 3gpp, mpl mpeg, mpeg4, flv, and many old format media files.

What’s New IN MX Player Pro v1.7.38 Patched?

  • MX player has a beautiful and awesome looking graphical interface.
  • Hardware acceleration.
  • First MULTI-CORE DECODING Process.
  • Easy Zoom in and Zoom Out.
  • Subtitle - multi-language support.
  • Kids lock to prevent your device to lock screen.
  • Support Android 2.1 to 4.4.3 Kitkat most recent update by Google.

Your All Questions One answer Read the review below
MX Player Pro v1.7.38 Patched Latest APK Review
Download Links:
Download From Play Store

Download our uploaded file from external site 4shared and mediafile fire like sites apk download. Note the version below is cracked patched. You don't have to pay its cost free. So you just have to download, install apps and play videos.

MX Player Pro v1.7.38 Patched Latest APK No big deal. If you are capable to pay $5.89 please buy this app from play store. they deserve it. Mx player is a real media player you can ever have.  


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Get AVG Pro Antivirus Security APK v4.1.0.2 Free For Android Device

Get AVG Pro Antivirus Security APK v4.1.0.2 Free For Android Device

AVG pro (professional) is simply the best antivirus for your Android devices. Get AVG Antivirus v4.1.0.2 Security pro a smart protection for Android Mobile or Tab from virus, spyware, malware free here. More than 110,000,000 times avg is installed from Google play. It will protect your online identity, personal data, and device. Provide awesome service many smart qualities like anti-theft, remote mobile off, Phone location, malicious software check, Call block, Task killer etc.

Antivirus Security APK v4.1.0.2 Advance Facility

Learn what avg v4.1.0.2  security pro can provide to enhance your android experience usability. One thing every user has to agree that it is all in one.

Antivirus Security APK v4.1.0.2 Advance Functions

Run daily or demand scan and protect install application apps, apps settings, both device memory and sd card or external memory files , folders and media picture musics videos for viruses and malware. Detect the problematic or infected settings or file and notify and take proper steps to defend your phone.

Besides defending from virus and others, it also capable of - 

  • Real Time scans to protect your data apps
  • Online Defend,
  • Battery monitoring - enable power saving.
  • Anti-Theft Protection - Smart option like disable your phone, GPS location track , Lock Screen , Camera Trap- Send picture to your mail when more than 3 times the wrong passwords inputted ETC.
  • App lock and app backup,
  • Task Kill And Process Kill - defend your device freeze up.
  • Data Plan Monitoring - Notify limit and Warn.
  • Manage SD card And phone memory Ratio - move installed data or camera storage location in order to keep your device first.
  • Bug fixes - improve your phone performance.
  • Call Blockblock unwelcome/ undesired sms and calls.\
  • Cleaning Services - clean browser history, cookies, junk data on your memory , restore factory settings ETC. 
Just the best apk application or app for your android phone or android tab.See the features you differently find this app as a useful one. Antivirus Security AVG Pro publisher avg promises that the latest version will make your device faster as like older versions and save your battery backup where any other antivirus or anti-malware software apk make your device slower.

Download AVG Pro Antivirus Security APK v4.1.0.2 Free

Download Links :(9.08MB)

Download All in one from various sites direct download. Non-Google play download link is also provided in order to download apk on your computer or pc. Just copy the apk file and install and be safe from spammer, hackers and phishing sites . 

Download from Google Play (just over 9 MB)